Calories in Alcoholic Drinks

We all hear that we must watch what we eat, but it is also true that we must watch what we drink if we want to lose weight. By being aware of the amount of calories we are consuming in our drinks, we can be more careful about consuming too many calories. Here are the typical calories contained in most popular alcoholic drinks. These are rough guides because different brands vary a little. A good rule of thumb is that the higher the alcohol content, the more the calories they contain. Also dryer wines and sherries contain fewer calories than their sweeter counterparts.

glass_of_waterAlcoholic Drinks
Alcopops 5% – 170 calories per 275ml bottle
Alcopops 4% – 140 calories per 275ml bottle
Bailey Liqueur – 120 calories per 50ml
Stout – 210 calories per pint
Ale or Bitter – 220 calories per pint
Cider – 230 calories per pint
Lager – 240 calories per pint
Medium glass of white wine – 130 calories per 175ml glass
Medium glass of red wine – 120 calories per 175ml glass
Sherry – 55 calories per 50ml glass
Whiskey – 55 calories per 25ml shot
Brandy – 55 calories per 25ml shot
Vodka – 55 calories per 25ml shot

Cola – 105 calories per 250ml glass
Lemonade – 55 calories per 250ml glass
Tonic water – 83 calories per 250ml glass
Soda water – 0 (that’s right zero!) calories per 250ml glass

If you want to lose weight then unfortunately you must significantly reduce your calorie intake. Many drinkers also further increase their calorie consumption by accompanying their drinking with bar snacks. Drinkers are also more likely to eat high fat and salty foods the next day. If you must drink, then why not just designate one night per week to drink. This will significantly reduce most peoples’ calorie consumption, unless they are only very light drinkers. You may also find that the more infrequent you drink, the less you will drink when you are drinking, as your tolerance levels will lower.

A few tips to help you reduce alcohol consumption

1. Dilute your drinks with soda water. Soda water contains no calories.
2. Don’t participate in rounds. They usually make you drink faster because the slower drinker usually tries to keep up with the quicker drinker.
3. Drink the odd glass of water in between alcoholic drinks.
4. Avoid salty snacks. Not only will they add to your calorie count, they may make you more thirsty and drink more.
5. Add ice cubes. They will water down the drink a little, the cold will usually slow you down, and they can trick you into thinking you are drinking more than you actually are.
6. Find some things to do that don’t involve drinking. Maybe learn a musical instrument, or take up a new hobby such as archery or fencing.

Hopefully this list will help you make informed choices about what calories you consume when drinking. Why not print this guide out and put it in a prominent place, such as a notice board or a fridge in order to act as a constant reminder?